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Teen accepted at 8 Ivy League schools: All 8 beckon him through elite doors

When a teen gets accepted at all eight Ivy League schools, this is a kid that you will probably hear about in the future doing great things. Kwasi Enin, applied to all eight Ivy Lead schools and every last one of them sent him the congratulatory letter, beckoning him through their elite doors, according to the New York Daily News on March 31.

Long Island teen accepted at all 8 Ivy League colleges.
YouTube screen shot

The acceptance rate for freshman applicants at the Ivy League institutions are at the low end of the scale. Only 5.9% of all applicants get into Harvard and at the higher end of the spectrum, Cornell accepts 14% of applicants.

The William Floyd High School student from Long Island is the son of immigrant nurses from Ghana. He thought his chances of getting into an Ivy League school would be greater if he applied to all, hoping one would accept his application.

An amazing thing happened as Enin now has his pick of any of the eight schools. Enin’s guidance counselor, Nancy Winkler said she’s never seen anything like this in her 15 years as a school counselor.

With hopes of being a physician Enin has a little time to make his choice. “I’m thinking of being a cardiologist or neurologist,” said the teen from Shirley, New York. He also said:

“A doctor is a community leader, a protector, someone who people turn to ... when they need help.”

You might want to jot this teen’s name down because he is going places.

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