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Teddy Bridgewater’s promise to his mother comes true thanks to Cadillac

Teddy Bridgewater happens to own the most exciting trending story in NFL football as of May 6, 2014. General Motors’ Cadillac division assisted in helping Teddy’s promise to his mother come true. Cadillac’s YouTube video, posted a “#Promise2Rose” video just hours ago. That’s the correct title, as the car division is social media-wise and pop culture-savvy enough to know how to style their work to be easily found on Google. The uplifting story already has over 300,000 views and most folks at the office haven’t even had their second cup of coffee.

Teddy Bridgewater's third-grade promise to buy his mother a Cadillac comes true.
Photo by Stephen Lovekin

Director Spike Lee has managed to film the most beautiful, heartwarming story about a promise that NFL draft candidate Bridgewater made to his mother, Rose Murphy, back when he was in the third grade. If you love sports, if you love football, if you love mothers who love their sons and do all they can to raise them to have dreams, faith, and a hard work ethic, then you will want to see this YouTube video over and over. Each time you’ll smile.

Lee’s documentary is actually a story about a young man who was a “student first, athlete second,” according to Wallace Aristide, Principal of Miami Northwestern Senior High School where Teddy “had a 4.0 GPA when he was a student here.”

“From the first time I was four years old and picked up a football, Bridgewater smiled and said, “I knew I was going to the NFL.” Billy Rolle, Teddy’s former head coach at Northwestern Senior High, shared, “he tried out for wide receiver and during practice he went out for a pass,” and then you see Lewis Cordona, the school’s quarterback coach say, “and then he threw it back.” Rolle continued, “It was (whew) like a whistle.”

Cordona picks up, “And right then and there, I discovered we had a quarterback.” His Cardinals college career speaks for itself, and Bridgewater will be an asset and winner for any team who’s fortunate enough to draft him. It’s safe to predict that he will never be anything but a positive influence on young athletes around the country, because he remains as grounded and determined to succeed as you could ever hope to see a young man be. It just makes you feel good to see another real-time, real-life hero for the NFL.

In the video, an endearing, modest and yet quietly confident Bridgewater shares that he is blessed to be able to accomplish every goal he’d written down for himself that he’d dreamed and planned as a child. The YouTube is best enjoyed without commentary. It’s only seven minutes long, but during this time, you’ll have an inside look at one of the most special young men every to grace the Louisville Cardinals’ football team. He loves his family and he never forgot a promise he made to buy his mother a Cadillac as soon as he was at all able to do so. The car company just helped that dream come true without further delay.

On your next coffee break, take the time to watch this Cadillac video, and have your faith restored in the NCAA student athlete system as the University of Louisville’s standout quarterback gives the NFL another reason to be excited.
Surely every day is Mother’s Day for Rose Murphy, because all of her family is proud of Teddy, including his brother, sister, entire family, friends, and hometown coaches—and of course, everyone in Louisville is rooting for him.

Meanwhile, elsewhere around the country, there’s a lot of chaos and consternation over this year’s Heisman Trophy winner, some over last year’s Heisman Trophy winner, and there’s yet even more background noise for this or that candidate all over the country, as every team jockeys for their future financial stability and success. It’s just talk, hype, spin, talk, hype, spin, rinse and repeat until Thursday night finally arrives.

Dreams do come true. And Rose Murphy is first on her block to know that’s right. Watch the video and smile as you learn about Teddy's childhood promise to his mother. Happy Mother’s Day, Rose, congratulations to Teddy Bridgewater, to Spike Lee for a moving film, and thank you Cadillac, for getting it right. To paraphrase a moment from the recent movie “Draft Day,” starring Kevin Costner, get out your pens and your Post-It notes and write one phrase: “Teddy Bridgewater--No matter what.”

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