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Ted Nugent to Rock Waterfest

This Saturday, Uncle Teddy will rock Oshkosh. Wisconsin's Waterfest will be making waves with Ted Nugent. We caught up with him to pick his brain and discovered the man who has been known to be outspoken about gun rights even has his limits.

1: What's your biggest musical fantasy (feel free to include dead people if you'd like)?

I am tickled pink to say that I have lived every fantasy a guy would ever dream about. My band is the best band on earth. I live my ultimate musical fantasy every night on stage. I am a very lucky guitarplayer.

2: What are your thoughts on gun ownership for Medical Marijuana patients; for example, in Michigan, they have medical marijuana patients, and do you feel these card holders should be allowed to apply for a concealed weapon permit (not saying they should use a gun under the influence, just be able to apply for and be a holder of both cards/permits)?

I'm afraid my lifetime experiences witnessing otherwise good people getting high convinces me they should not be allowed to own weapons. Dope dramatically reduces one's level of awareness and sense of logic, therefor not to be trusted with deadly weapons. These same people should not be allowed to drive, fly aircraft or operate heavy machinery. Their faculties have been severely diminished.

3: You have done music, film/TV, radio, writing and even been in a video game; can you describe crossing over from one area of entertainment to the others, as well as the similarities and differences that you observed?

Having performed my music onstage my entire life, I find such transitions to be seamless and effortless. They are all connected to the joys of communicating with people and expressing oneself.

4: What has been the high and low points of your career, and what has been your most influential moment?

My entire life has been a nonstop series of high points, only experiencing low points when others around me became negative and unproductive due to substance abuse. There were also tragic times when trusted people ripped me off, but overall the highs have far outweighed the lows. The most influential experiences are those special times when families about to say good-bye to a loved one have blessed me by inviting me to take their terminally ill children on their last hunting trip. Such spiritual bonds epitomize the human experience.

5: What is your favorite musical technique, and starting out (my mom remembers seeing you at the Roll-Air Rink next to the State Park in Bay City, MI in the 60s), did you ever fathom that your music would be so influential and enduring?

All my music erupts from spontaneous grooves and rhythms that inspire killer guitar patterns and themes. Music envelopes me constantly, so success was never a motivator. The pursuit of moving musical creations has always been my driving force, and fortunately, it has passed the test of time.

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