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2014 Winter Olympics

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Ted Ligety feels the pressure, but says he is prepared for Sochi

Ted Ligety
Ted Ligety
Marina Maher Communications

Ted Ligety, the U.S. skier, is one of the best to hit snow; however, he isn’t one to crack under pressure. Known for his domination in the giant slalom, Ligety has plans to continue his track record by not focusing on the attention and using the pressure as motivation.

The skier who jokes about not having much downtime, says that when he does, he enjoys cooking. “I’m a big fan of barbecuing and [I] make some pretty mean jalapeño mashed potatoes,” said Ligety.

Ligety feels the pressure to do well in the Olympics because he didn’t do as well as he would have liked in Vancouver. According to Ligety, the pressure has caused him to have a chip on his shoulder.

“I’m looking for some redemption. Having won a gold medal in 2006 helps [to] take a little pressure off because I know I won’t end my career without one, rather I have the bonus of trying to add more.”

The 29-year-old Park City, Utah native said that he treats the Olympics like any other ski race by doing well and not allowing the magnitude of the race to change his mind set. Although he remains modest about his accomplishments, many believe that he will become a big name in the sport.

Ligety who is a part of Procter and Gamble’s (P&G) ‘Thank you, Mom’ campaign says that, there are a lot of sacrifices he and his family had to make.

“Growing up, my parents paid to put me in ski academy and all of my ski-related activities. Now, I travel on the road for almost 300 days [out the] year. But this is what I grew up loving and what I wanted to do, so it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice,” said Ligety.

The hard work that he has put into his sport is because of the work ethic he observed in his mother at an early age. Her commitment never to give up on him has encouraged him to work hard as a person and Olympic skier.

Ligety says that he’s lucky not to have sustained many injuries throughout his career. Although skiing is a competitive sport, he enjoys it because “it’s fun” skiing around in nature. “Enjoying the view of the mountains is awesome, and the adrenaline rush is a lot of fun, too,” he said.

Skiing has opened many doors for Ligety, like working with a company called Shred, which specializes in goggles, helmets, sunglasses and outerwear to launch his own products.

Ted Ligety is working with P&G and Vicks to celebrate the P&G ‘Thank you, Mom’ campaign. The campaign pulled on the heartstrings of millions during the London Games. As part of the ‘Thank you, Mom’ campaign, P&G is sponsoring the moms behind the athletes, as a tribute to the love and support they provide their children along their Olympic journey.

You can see read more about the campaign on their Facebook page, and view the “Raising an Olympian” videos on their YouTube channel.

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