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Ted Haggard is Un-gayed!

Ted Haggard has been making the rounds with his wife, Gayle, speaking on their journey through his pastorship, brief lapse into gayness, and emergence from the gay lifestyle ready to take on the hetero world! Thanks, guys, it's very reassuring. No no, wait. Disturbing. Watch incredibly admirable forgiveness be totally overwhelmed by gross homophobia.

No word yet on whether Gayle will be stopping by Los Angeles on her book tour. If she does, what will you ask her?


  • Ken 4 years ago

    I'd sure be curious if their intimate life at home was all good again. How long can Ted fake those orgasms?

  • Amber 4 years ago

    Ugh... I've seen that man everywhere. He makes me sick.

    I'd like to ask Gayle if God will forgive her for lying to the world her entire life. Shame on her. Shame on that family.

  • Ella 4 years ago

    I would ask her to let me roll in her pee.

  • Greg Bart 4 years ago

    I'd ask her if he first was attracted to her by her first name.
    Then I'd suggest, ala Brit Hume, that she help her husband become a Christian. Oh wait...