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Ted DiBiase Jr.

Ted Jr
Ted Jr

Ted DiBiase Jr. is a professional wrestler, an actor and a great family man. He is the son of one of WWE’s legendary Hall of Fame Wrestlers, (The Million Dollar Man) Ted Dibiase.

Not only is Ted Jr. a third generation wrestler, he is best known for his time with WWE. He made his professional wrestling debut in 2006 and began his journey with WWE in July of 2007. He is a two time World Tag Team Champ with Cody Rhodes and at the height of his career, he formed The Legacy with Randy Orton. Following The Legacy, DiBiase moved into singles competition and received the Million Dollar Championship from his father. DiBiase left WWE in 2013 due to family commitments and other business pursuits.

Ted Jr. is also an actor, making his film debut in The Marine 2, the highest grossing film that the WWE has put out. He is also a Christian and would like to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Ted is the creator of the DiBiase “Posse Party” and as of today, the largest party was held recently on Long Island. Thanks to Bobby Reidel, Cris and I got to ask Ted Jr. a few questions during Wrestlemania weekend.

How are you Ted? What are you up to?

I’m in Mississippi doing what I love to do; just got done cooking some ribs, now I am throwing on a steak... you guys should come over.

With Wrestlemania being last weekend, tell us, do you miss it?

I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss it. I certainly am enjoying my time right now. If there is a time to miss it, it is this week.

It’s almost like a Super Bowl.

Yes. It is like our Super Bowl. The WWE has done a fantastic job. They are doing a great job giving the fans what they want. The show is never a let down. I’m pulling for my boy Daniel Bryan. I’m really happy for Bryan and the success he is seeing now.

I grew up watching your dad wrestle and as a kid I hated your dad. He did a great job (playing his role.) And then I met him in person, he is a great guy. What is the biggest memory you have of your dad?

Wrestlemania 4. It was his first one with Macho Man. There were so many memories, his vignettes are timeless. It’s hard to pinpoint just one.

Were you the most popular kid in school at that time? Did the kids know who your dad was?

It certainly helped. I’ll be honest, I’m a big dork, so that made me cool. I grew up in a small town in Mississippi, so everyone got to know him.

I read that during college you almost didn’t go into wrestling, you wanted to be a minister. What made you change your mind?

I have had the opportunity a lot lately to tell my story. My faith is most important to me, much like my father now. I don’t shove it down people’s throats. I prayed that God would send me down the darkest road; I thought it was going to be Africa. When you are willing to give up your dreams and follow God’s, he will give you the desires of your heart. He did bring me to the darkest places, the entertainment industry.

Lets talk about your current project:

It has become my passion project. Its called The Price of Fame. People know my dad’s story, but they don’t really know my side of it. My dad is not the hero of this story - it is my mom.

This new project needs your help. Please watch the clip and Tweet Ted your feedback:

To hear the rest of the interview by Cris and Alysia of TRS 247 Radio, listen here:

Wanna have a good time? Join the Posse – The DiBiase Posse, that is. Ted will be back on Long Island soon, stay connected.


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