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Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti write "House"

House Cover
House Cover

While having a favorite Christian author is exciting and generally always satisfying, when two Christian fiction writers get together to write one book, two things can happen. Either the book can miserably fail, or the book can be a page turner like House. In April of 2006, Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker published one of the best "supernatural thrillers" in Christian fiction. House received four out of five stars from as well as Barnes and Noble.

The story of House begins with one couple traveling through the back woods of Alabama, running over something with their car and needing to stay the night at a Bed and Breakfast. When they arrive at the house, they encounter another couple who were victims to the same predicament. The strange innkeepers and the spooky house set the characters on edge, but when the “House rules” comes flying through a window, everything gets a little bit creepier. The rules basically end up with somebody having to die by sunrise, or everyone dies.

House is a fast-paced, adrenaline pumping book from beginning to end and is one of the few “thriller” books that almost anyone can get into (even if they do not like books of this nature). The overarching theme throughout the entire book, love, fuels the drive of each character in the book from the main character to the subsequent, smaller characters. Whether a person is just beginning to read Christian fiction, or if they have been reading Christian fiction for years, House is a book for everyone to read and enjoy.