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Ted Dekker and Erin Healy finish off 2009 and enter into 2010 with "Burn"

Book Cover for "Burn"
Book Cover for "Burn"
Ted Dekker

Within the last year, Ted Dekker is publishing book, after book, after book and as expected, he has published another. One of the latest books in Christian fiction is Burn, co-authored by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy. As the newest suspense novel, this book focuses its plot upon the major theme of guilt. As Family Christian Stores summarizes Burn:

“Years ago, the Gypsy compound where Janeal Mikkado lived as attacked and burned to the ground. She chose to leave her friends and save herself -- disappearing with a million dollars. But now her past is rising from the ashes. Will the flames of guilt and fear consume her?”

Burn is a very popular book by readers, receiving a four out of five star rating from and a five out of five star rating from Barnes and Noble. Many of Ted Dekker’s books focus on a larger theme or have a greater purpose than what is written on the page. It can be expected that Burn will follow the same major ideas as the main character wrestles with the guilt of her past.

Though this novel is not currently part of any of the Ted Dekker or Erin Healy book series, the question arises as to whether this book will have another part to it (prequel or sequel). Either way, Burn is most definitely one of the next top reads on the Christian book list.