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Ted Cruz wins Texas GOP U.S. Senate primary runoff debate

Debate title page
Debate title page
KERA News for North Texas

Ted Cruz and Lt. Governor David Dewhurst faced off in a televised debate leading up to the July 31st Texas GOP U.S. Senate primary runoff. Cruz was composed and articulate. His position as a strong Constitutional conservative was repeatedly demonstrated throughout the evening. Dewhurst had a few awkward pauses as he pulled his thoughts together to give answers that were less direct. The Lt. Governor’s positional foundation did not come through as clearly as his opponent’s did. Overall, Cruz established his guiding principle was that the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

When asked his stand on illegal immigration, Cruz didn’t hesitate to say,

“I am categorically opposed to amnesty. Amnesty is wrong. It’s contrary to the rule of law and it’s unfair to the millions of legal immigrants who waited in line and came here legally.”

Mr. Cruz, declared the back-door amnesty policy implemented by President Obama “unconstitutional…lawless and…wrong.” About the possibility of a guest worker program, he went on to say, “I do not support a guest worker program. I do not support any expansions in immigration unless and until we secure our borders.”

David Dewhurst was then asked the same question.

“Illegal immigration is a very, very serious problem. That, combined with, with dangerous drugs which are coming into Texas, transnational gangs and the federal government has done a terrible, terrible job in trying to secure our boarder.”

One of the solutions that Dewhurst would support was “means testing” to help fix Social Security. This would discourage the very people who had contributed to Social Security their whole working lives from actually receiving the payouts promised as part of this specialized tax.

While both candidates saw the need to raise the retirement age for Social Security, Cruz went on to offer a plan that would help deal with the entitlement crisis looming ahead.

1. “For those on Social Security, or near retirement there should be no changes whatsoever. We should honor the commitments made to our seniors.
2. Set the rate of increase in benefits so it matches inflation rather than exceeding inflation.
3. For younger workers, allow us to keep a portion of our Social Security taxes in a private, personal account that we own, that we control and can pass on to our kids and grandkids.”

Ted Cruz stated boldly that if Texans send him to Washington, the first bill he would introduce would “repeal every syllable of every word of Obamacare.”

Early voting: July 23 – 27
Election Day: July 31st

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