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Ted Cruz urges Siracha hot sauce maker to leave California for Texas

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz
Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images

An Asia style hot sauce may seem to be a strange source of an environmental controversy. But it seems, according to a Sunday story on Breitbart’s Big California, the California town of Irwindale seems bent on passing a resolution that will declare a factory owned by Hu Fong Foods that produces the popular hot sauce called Sriracha a public nuisance because of an alleged spicy smell coming from it. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz sees an opportunity to further enrich Texas at the expense of California as a result.

The Houston Chronicle notes that the Irwindale city council means to give the factory 90 days to mitigate a smell that is alleged to give nearby residents burning eyes and throats at certain times of the day or be shut down. The owner, David Tran, is considering options, which includes moving the factory to some other part of California or perhaps out of state entirely.

That is where Sen. Cruz comes in. He posted on his Facebook page#‎Sriracha may not be welcome in California, but you’d be welcomed with open arms and eager taste buds in Texas.” State Rep. Jason Villalba, a Republican from Dallas, has added his voice for the Sriracha factory to come to Texas. A meeting will take place in May that will include State Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples among others.

If Tran, a Vietnamese immigrant, is obliged to move he will also have to find another grower willing to grow the peppers that go into his hot sauce. The particular type of pepper has to be ground up within a day of its being picked. That means that Tran will not be able to use the local grower that he has been using near Irwindale. This means that not only the factory jobs, but the farm jobs would move to Texas as well.