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Ted Cruz takes the lead in Texas GOP primary run-off race for U.S. Senate

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In the weeks leading up to the July 31st Texas GOP primary run-off election, David Dewhurst would have Texas voters believe that Ted Cruz is an evildoer, siding with the Chinese government over America in his negative ad campaign. Texas conservative Republican voters aren’t buying it.

In Public Policy Polling’s (PPP) July 12th press release, Ted Cruz was declared the lead, 49 – 44, in the race for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate. “Cruz's lead expands to a whopping 59-36 margin over Dewhurst among voters who describe themselves as 'very excited' about voting in the election”

The power of the grassroots is once again being displayed to the establishment GOP leadership. Support for Dewhurst comes from those who consider themselves moderate or somewhat conservative. This along with the fact that he’s losing overall is a sharp reminder to those who would dismiss the Tea Party that you can’t ignore the elephant in the room forever.

“This race is one of the most stark examples of the Tea Party movement propelling a candidate that we've seen to date. 40% of voters identify themselves as members of that movement and Cruz has a 71-26 advantage with them. Dewhurst leads 57-34 with non-Tea Partiers, and they are 50% of the electorate, but it's not nearly enough to drown out Cruz's advantage with that group.” ~ PPP July 12th Poll

Based on the endorsement each candidate has garnered, it’s not difficult to understand why Cruz would poll ahead of Dewhurst. People get passionate and willing to support something they believe in. Organizations may support their self-interests, but it takes much more to get the members passionate enough to get involved in the same way. Cruz has engaged individuals, Dewhurst has not.

“Ted Cruz looks like the new front runner in the Texas Senate race,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “Not only is he ahead overall, but he’s up by even more with the folks who are most likely to vote in what will probably be a low turnout election. The momentum swing in this race over the last six weeks is seismic.” ~ PPP July 12th Poll

The Tea Party grassroots momentum is building here in Texas and if successful it will send a message to the establishment GOP leadership to get on board, or get out.

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