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Ted Cruz suggests free trade agreement with the Ukraine to deal with crisis

Sen Ted Cruz
Sen Ted Cruz
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

According to a March 4, 2014 story in Politico, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas proposed that one way to respond to Russia’s seizure of the Crimea from the Ukraine would be to sign a free trade agreement with the beleaguered country. He would also consider abrogating existing treaties with Russia.

Other measures Cruz would pursue would be to expel Russia from the G8 economic group and to restart the construction of missile defense facilities in Poland and the Czech Republic that was cancelled by the Obama administration.

Cruz believes that his approach constitutes a middle ground between greater military intervention as espoused by Sen. John McCain and a more isolationist stance as championed by Sen. Rand Paul.

“My foreign policy views are different from both of them, and I would suggest [those views] represent a third point on the triangle,” Cruz said. “I agree with John McCain that we should be a voice for freedom, but I agree with Rand Paul that we should be exceedingly reluctant to employ U.S. military force. That being said, we have a military for a reason—it is to protect our national security.”

“If we are to employ military force, it should be guided by the central touchstone of U.S. national security interests,” Cruz said. “And if we are called to use military force, we should have a clear, defined objective, we should go in with overwhelming force, and then we should get the heck out. I don’t think it’s the job of the military to engage in nation building, to endeavor to build democratic utopias across the face of the earth. “

Cruz’s approach seems to be similar to that pursued by President Reagan in his campaign that eventually brought down the Soviet Union, a multifaceted strategy that includes diplomatic pressure, economic measures, and military cooperation and aid to allies.

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