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Ted Cruz steals 'Yes we can!' slogan from Barack Obama in new video

According to a March 28, 2014 story in the Washington Examiner. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas has released a video meant to enhance his national brand. He touches on some familiar themes, including adherence to the Bill of Rights of the Constitution, education, and Obamacare. He also steals a line from the 2008 presidential election of one Barack Obama.

Ted Cruz
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Yes we can!”

Cruz’s video is clearly designed to influence voters, especially young people, to pull the level for Republican candidates in the 2014 midterm elections. But it is also meant to establish Cruz as a national political figure in advance of the 2016 elections. Lifting the well-known slogan used by Barack Obama to get elected to the presidency is a not so subtle hint that Cruz, a young man who is clearly in a hurry, might want to go for the top job himself.

Indeed it would not be surprising if the junior senator from Texas were to use “hope and change” as well, two qualities that are in short supply in the fifth year of the Obama administration,

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