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Ted Cruz proves he can be funny and self deprecating at the Gridiron Dinner

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The Gridiron Dinner is an annual Washington white tie affair during which politicians are forced to speak to the media and other attendees and be self deprecating. According to a March 8, 2014 account in the Dallas Morning News, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas took center stage and, to the no doubt surprise of the audience, riffed on himself with great alacrity.

“’Since I’ve been thrown out of our Senate lunches, it’s really nice to be invited to dinner,’ he said, one of several jokes playing on his status as one of the most despised men in Washington.

“He recalled a showdown during a gun debate, when California Sen. Dianne Feinstein accused him of treating her like a sixth-grader.

“’I was accused of acting like some pompous, condescending know-it-all. We’re all familiar with the type, and at Harvard Law School there is even a word for it: alumni,’ he said.

“And then there was that overnight anti-Obamacare talkathon: ‘Twenty-one hours and 19 minutes … hearing nothing but my favorite sound,’ Cruz said wistfully.”

Cruz made one statement that may come back to haunt him.

“’Frankly,’ he said, the first year in Washington has been so rough, ‘there have been moments when I wanted to self-deport.’

“He added: ‘Canadians are so polite, mild-mannered, modest, unassuming, open-minded. Thank God my family fled that oppressive influence before it could change me.’”

One can already see the headlines, “Ted Cruz Insults the Country of Canada!” This will be about a man who favors the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline to the mutual benefit of Canada and the United States.

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