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Ted Cruz makes $1.5 million book deal

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Sen. Ted Cruz has only been in elected office for just over a year. However he has already made a $1.5 million dollar book deal, according to an April 2, 2014 piece in the Washington Examiner. It is the biggest book deal by a conservative public figure, even surpassing that of Sarah Palin.

“The book, still untitled and unwritten, will be part memoir and part Cruz's view of how to get Washington to work again as well as his vision of the future for the country. The 43-year-old has quite a story to tell, being the first Hispanic to serve as Texas solicitor general and as Texas' senator. Elected in 2012, he has also been in the middle of several major fights in Washington, including last year's government shutdown and the continued efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare.

“Several publishing giants fought over the weekend to grab the Cruz book before HarperCollins emerged the winner. A final deal has not been signed but is expected in the coming weeks. The other publishers included St. Martin’s, Simon & Schuster and Newsmax.”

The size of the book deal suggests that the publishing industry regards Cruz as a national figure with a shelf life that will likely last many years, even if he does not run to become president of the United States in 2016. Of course a book that lays out a compelling biography along with some helpful suggestions of how Cruz might run the country certainly suggests a 2016 run is coming.