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Ted Cruz invites President Obama to a round of golf on the southern border

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican who has been mentioned as a possible presidential candidate for 2016, addressed the Americans for Prosperity’s Defending the Dream summit in Dallas, according to a National Review piece on Saturday. Among other things, he challenged President Obama to a round of golf on the border. Thus he artfully combined two burning issues in American politics, the porous southern border and the president’s tendency to hit the links when so many crises demands his attention.

Ted Cruz
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

According to the Washington Post, Cruz hit on a number of other issues, such as immigration and the necessity to repeal Obamacare. He denied that he was contemplating another government shutdown. He also laid into President Obama for what many perceive to be a weak foreign policy, suggesting that the “Obama diet” consisted of allowing Russian President Vladimir Putin to eat ones lunch. He offered the popular notion of bombing the terrorist army ISIS back into the Stone Age.

Cruz is developing an overall theme that the 2016 presidential election is going to be a repeat of the 1980 contest. In 1980, President Jimmy Carter was presiding over economic malaise at home and chaos abroad. Ronald Reagan successfully campaigned on the promise to fix the mess that Carter had made and restore peace and prosperity. Clearly Cruz has Obama playing the Carter role for 2016.

Who does Cruz envision for the role of Reagan? He has been artfully coy on that subject. To be sure there are plenty of Republicans who will be auditioning for that position starting in 2015. But one cannot escape the impression that Cruz imagines that a certain Cuban-American, a fiery tea party conservative, who has upset the Washington establishment with his tendency not to compromise on principle, would be a perfect fit for the man who would lead the United States out of the Obama Dark Ages and into the light.

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