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Ted Cruz headed for the southern border to show softer side on immigration

Senator Ted Cruz
Senator Ted Cruz
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas has developed a reputation as a hard liner on the illegal immigration issue, going so far as to offer an amendment to pending legislation to cut off funding for new applicants under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. However, as a Friday piece in Politico reports, Cruz has decided to show a softer side on the issue. He is headed for the southern border as part of Glen Beck’s relief effort for the tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children now in the custody of the federal government.

Glenn Beck, the long-time media raconteur, received a considerable amount of criticism recently when he announced an effort to raise funds to provide food, toys, and other supplies for the illegal immigrant kids now warehoused in various facilities along the southern border. Opponents of illegal immigration believe that this kind of charity would only encourage more of the same. Beck has responded that the children are here, need help, and that providing it is the right thing to do.

Nevertheless, Beck devoted a monologue in a recent broadcast in Spanish to urge Central American parents not to send their kids to America, according to Breitbart Texas. The journey, facilitated by drug cartel coyotes, has proven perilous, with many children being raped and even murdered before they reached the United States. Beck suggested that the kids who are in the United States should be sent back to their home countries and expressed the wish they educate and better themselves there and, should they want to, try to immigrate legally.

President Obama has yet to visit the border, claiming somewhat disingenuously that he does not like photo ops. Cruz does not propose to be so finicky. Besides participating in the relief effort, he will tour a processing center, receive a briefing, hold a press conference, and be interviewed by Beck from the border. Thus he proposes to do what many thought Obama should do, which is to take a leadership role on the border crisis.