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Ted Cruz gets praise for Heritage Foundation foreign policy speech

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas got something from the Washington Post that he rarely gets in the mainstream media. A January 29, 2014 article praised him from a foreign policy speech he gave at the Heritage Foundation.

Sen. Ted Cruz
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The Post called the speech, “a bold repudiation of isolationism and a sign that the right may, as the damage done by President Obama’s retrenchment become evident, return to a Reaganesque foreign policy.” The speech places Cruz at odds with some fellow Republicans like his fellow senator Rand Paul who have argued, in the wake of long, expensive wars in the Middle East and Central Asia, what they call a “noninterventionist,” but what can more accurately be called an isolationist foreign policy.

The guiding principle of Cruz’s foreign policy would be an opposition to tyranny and the promotion of human rights around the world. His wide ranging speech, which touched on Russia, Syria, Iran, the Ukraine, and his own father’s experiences in Cuba, Cruz suggested a wide ranging and flexible strategy to confront tyranny and promote human rights. He did not mention military intervention and indeed the tools he would use are primarily economic. He would insist that economic sanctions be maintained against rogue states such as Iran until they learn to behave. On the other hand he proposed free trade agreements with the Ukraine and other former Soviet Republics to help them build up their economies and resist the encroachments of Vladimir Putin’s Russia. He also suggested helping countries like the Ukraine develop their own energy resources to wean them off dependency on Russian natural gas.

In effect we have seen the birth of “the Cruz Doctrine” as an approach to foreign policy, both as a balm to the Obama policy of outraging America’s friends and appeasing her enemies, and as a return to a Reagan style policy that proved so successful in bringing the Cold War to an end,

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