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Ted Cruz depicted as a vampire slayer by guerilla street artist

Ted Cruz, senator by day, vampire slayer by night?
Ted Cruz, senator by day, vampire slayer by night?
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

If Ted Cruz were not in the United States Senate, he might have a new career as a vampire slayer. At least that is how he is depicted in a new poster by a conservative street artist who goes by the name of Sabo, according to a Friday piece in MySanAntonio. The posters, which have started to pop up on southern California street corners depicting Cruz wearing a long, leather duster and carrying a crossbow. First Lady Michelle Obama is depicted as a bat winged monster swooping down on Cruz.

The posters are apparently in response to a recent dust up surrounding a recent episode of the HBO drama “True Blood” that depicted a Ted Cruz gala at the George W. Bush Presidential Library being turned into a bloodbath. One of the vampire characters refers to Republican women in the crudest, most misogynistic terms. Both Cruz and Sarah Palin denounced the episode, though Cruz artfully bemoaned how he has apparently lost the undead vote.

According to a recent profile in The Blaze, Sabo is a former Marine who has turned to guerilla art as a means of political expression. He has deployed posters mocking liberal celebrities like Hillary Clinton and Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis. He has never shown his face because, technically, his guerilla street art is considered vandalism and therefore is against the law.

Sabo is most famous for another poster of Ted Cruz that mysteriously appeared on street corners, depicting the Texas senator as bare chested, tattooed, and with a cigarette dangling from his mouth. Cruz expressed himself charmed by the depiction. He was quick to point out, though, tha there was one critical error. He is not a smoker. Thus far he has not denied that he goes out late at night, in the Buffy Summers style, and shoots wood tipped quarrels into the blood sucking undead.