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Ted Cruz demurs on impeachment

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz
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A day after Sarah Palin called for the impeachment of President Obama, the question was put to her chief political ally in the United States Senate, Sen.. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. As a Wednesday story in the National Review indicates, Cruz did not say no, not impeach. He did not say yes either. He deferred to the House of Representatives, the body that would actually carry out impeachment proceedings.

However House Speaker John Boehner has indicated that he opposes impeachment. Boehner’s preferred strategy is still the law suit that he is pursuing to compel the president to obey the Constitution. Palin has ridiculed this approach, colorfully stating that, “You don’t bring a law suit to a gun fight.” This leaves the idea of impeachment dead for the time being.

Hot Air suggests that Cruz is providing political cover for congressional Republicans to demur on impeachment. If anyone were to spearhead such an effort it would be Cruz, whose drive to defund Obamacare last year has been both celebrated as being the right thing to do and criticized as being a futile gesture. But by not saying no explicitly Cruz is keeping future options open just in case the politics becomes more favorable to removing President Obama from office ahead of the 2016 elections during which he would be removed anyway.

The idea is that Obama deserves impeachment many times over. From the IRS scandal to the current mess on the border, the president has flouted his oath of office. However congressional Democrats would not vote to impeach in the House or to convict in the Senate no matter what Obama did. This fact can be used as a club to beat Democrats over the head with, an ability to tolerate lawlessness from their own guy no matter what. Palin will continue to campaign for impeachment on the outside, while Cruz continues to watch and wait from within.