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Ted Cruz demands Kerry's resignation over Israel “apartheid state” remarks

When Secretary of State John Kerry told a closed door meeting of world leaders that if Israel does not accept a “two state solution” that is risks becoming an “apartheid state” he generated considerable outrage inside and outside of Israel. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas was certainly not amused. He took to the floor of the senate and demanded Kerry’s resignation, according to a Monday story in the Washington Free Beacon.

Ted Cruz
Photo by Darren McCollester

Israel ended peace talks with the Palestinian Authority, an entity ensconced on the West Bank dominated by the Al Fatah terrorist group, when it made an alliance with Hamas, another terrorist group which dominates the Gaza Strip. While both entities are hostile to Israel, Hamas has made no secret of its desire to eradicate the Jewish presence in the Middle East. Hamas launched innumerable terrorist attacks and missile bombardments to carry out that goal. Fatah has at least given lip service to making peace with Israel.

Kerry was no doubt expressing frustration over seeing yet another Middle East negotiation falling apart. However his used of the term “apartheid,” referring to the form of government that once existed in South Africa in which a white minority dominated a black majority, something that only former President Jimmy Carter has used previously. Even President Obama has specifically declined to use the term to refer to the State of Israel. The term is considered very loaded, similar to the infamous UN resolution from the 1970s that equated Zionism to racism.

Cruz stated on the senate floor that Kerry should offer his resignation and that President Obama should accept it. He suggested that if anything Israel’s Jews identify more with the victims of apartheid than with its perpetrators. He also suggested that Kerry’s use of the term might mean that Israel would face the same kind of condemnation, which included economic sanctions, as a logical next step.

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