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Tectonic plate movements break undersea Internet cables in Asia-Pac: Surprised?

Earth movements break undersea Internet cables - expect more
Earth movements break undersea Internet cables - expect more
Alberto, twelvesouls, et al

Tectonic plate movement in the Asia-Pacific area is damaging (and will continue to damage) undersea Internet cables. Major earth changes in the form of tectonic plate movement have once again affected Internet connectivity, this time in a large portion of the Asia-Pacific region.

Damaged submarine cables connecting nine countries, including the Philippines, to the rest of the world online are causing issues for many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) locally and in the region. Think about it. What would cause multiple cable breaks simultaneously?

PLDT customer advisory reads:

One of the major international undersea cable systems in the region -- the Asia Pacific Cable Network (APCN) -- recently suffered two fiber breaks in the areas between Taiwan-Japan and China-Korea. This has impacted on telecoms traffic in a large area of the Asia Pacific region, including the Philippines. As a result, this may affect your data service.

An email to Eastern Telecom subscribers reads:

An existing submarine cable break at S4A that happened on March 21, together with the submarine cable break that happened at S6 segment on March 23 of APCN2 caused a double failure.

A March 27 tweet from the global Internet status monitoring company, Renesys, reinforced Eastern Telecom's email, noting that Eastern was "hit especially hard."

Of course, no explanation for the multiple breaks is given.

The explanation is simple and easy to understand, "Internet service providers, as well as Internet users, are and should expect to continue to experience an increasing number and frequency of similar cable breaks, as the earth changes caused by the movement of tectonic plates accelerate."

We are approaching the time of the Pole Shift. Planet X (Nibiru) moves closer to Earth day by day. Look to the skies. Seeing is believing.

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