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Technology Which can Help You Save Time - A Business Owner's Guide

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After the doom and gloom of the recession, the economy is finally on the up and as a result businesses up and down the country are enjoying a welcome boost in sales and the prospect looks decidedly less cloudy for the foreseeable future.

Whether you are in the business of selling services or products, any established entrepreneur knows that the key to success is customer satisfaction. Thanks to the development of ever evolving web enabled mobile devices, prospective customers can access your business information at the touch of a button almost anywhere in the world, therefore it is vital that you as a business owner are at the forefront of the latest technological developments to be ready to receive them.

The best way to keep in constant contact with your clients and stay on the bleeding edge of the latest developments within your industry is by investing in a quality smartphone; it doesn’t really matter whether your allegiance lies with Microsoft, apple or Google in terms of what phone you go for (and you’re not limited to one of these brand names either they’re just by far the most popular). If there’s an app or service that is really good then you can be sure that each of these manufacturers are going to ensure that their product offers it, which means most of the best apps are widely available across Android, Windows and iPhone.

The noughties embraced the digital era with open arms, and a huge proportion of the world's population has been recorded as having regular access to, or owning, their own web enabled mobile phone or tablet. No longer satisfied with logging on to a PC to search the internet pages for business information, the digital generation have become truly instantaneous data demanders; they simply pull out their smart phone and swipe away to their hearts content. This means the average consumer is more demanding and more informed than ever – and they’re expecting business owners themselves to be on top of their game if they’re marketing their services to this new demographic of consumer.

But, not only do entrepreneurs need to be well versed in the art of email, but the recent explosion of social media marketing has sent businesses scrambling to make their mark on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. These top social media sites should be considered when setting up your online portfolio; successfully integrating them into your marketing campaign is essential if you want to maximise your chances of surviving the first year of business. It’s quite common to see new businesses operate their advertising, marketing and customer service exclusively through facebook and twitter pages, such is the importance of integrating social into the very mechanics of how the business is run.

As well as providing customers with a portable search engine, smart phones and android phones also empower business owners to efficiently and effectively manage their company and customer communications where ever they are in the world. Intuitive apps and software allow individuals to streamline their working week by simplifying tasks such as online banking at the touch of a button; check out these top ten apps as recommended by Forbes.

A reliable mobile broadband service is the key to making the latest technology work for you, especially if you’re operating your business through social media and smartphone communication apps like skype, whatsapp and gchat. Operating a business in this way has become increasingly more affordable thanks to companies like Mobi Data, who are one of the leading providers of low cost mobile internet for businesses, at present they offer 2 gigs of download data for £5 a month; a deal this writer has been able to find anywhere else.

Entrepreneurs can quickly and easily manage everything from scheduled appointments, to business banking, to marketing all while providing excellent customer care on the go thanks to their smart phone. Operating in 40 countries worldwide, Mobi Data is the perfect choice for any multi-site or international business owners who spend a great deal of their time travelling. So make sure you also stay connected with your tech wherever you go.

Whatever your business sector – a smartphone is a mini computer is your hand, and you can achieve so much with it. Don’t be afraid of the tech – simple online guides can guide you to choosing the best one, using the tech and updating it over time.