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Technology Tidbit: Social Media Success Stories Recap

Friends Center
Friends Center

On Tuesday, March 4, 2014, Net Squared Philadelphia hosted an event called "Social Media Success Stories". The objective was learn from nonprofits and social enterprises who have succeeded in using social media to raise awareness, raise funds, or grow a social impact business. The event was held at the Friends Center, 1501 Cherry Street. Philadelphia, PA and was co-hosted by the Social Entrepreneurs of Greater Philadelphia.

The panelists were:
1) Caroline Bean, the director of social media at Visit Philadelphia. Bean has played a key role in developing the organization’s e-tourism efforts—from podcasts and the popular blog to the newest powerhouse, Instagram.

2) Jeff Gibbard, President of True Voice Media. Jeff is a Social Business Strategist, Blogger, Keynote speaker and Adjunct Professor at Drexel University. Jeff has helped numerous companies unlock the power of the internet.

3) Dave Gloss http://www.heresmychance.com, a community leader and communications strategist living in Philadelphia Pa. Dave is the co-founder of Here's My Chance, a values based communications agency helping organizations unleash the power of storytelling, infographics, video and interactive media to strengthen cause focused communities.

4) Erin Mercer, the owner of Mainspring Social Media, a company that aims to find creative social media solutions for businesses and organizations. She has designed successful social media campaigns for both businesses and non-profit organizations.

Highlights from the panel included Erin's take on using to quickly grow a fan base (and associated database of email addresses) for contests. Offer pop takes just minutes to quickly and easily set up a Facebook or Twitter contest/campaign. The website says "Use any of our Facebook apps to run 1 free trial campaign for up to 14 days." That is a great offer for small businesses who are now just leveraging the Facebook platform to build their social media presence and statistics.

For non-profits, social media statistics are key indicators to funders for social proof. Freshbooks provided a great article called "The skinny on social proof" to explain the concept. The article states "Social proof is a really powerful way to encourage your prospects to choose you over your competitors. It essentially describes a type of behavior social psychologists call conformity, in which people faced with a decision will follow what others have done in the belief that others must know what they are doing. It’s a little bit like peer pressure or the “monkey-see monkey-do” effect." Read more at:

Erin also stated, which Jeff agreed, to make a on your name to send an email notification anytime the name or the business is mentioned online. This is a great strategy for a business or person to decide which social media platforms are best suited for their marketing needs. All the panelists agreed to think about the business objectives as opposed to the social media platform for effective marketing.

A significant highlight was the perspective on provided by Jeff Gibbard. Jeff stated that linkedin brings business as opposed to Facebook which brings traffic. is one of the most under utilized social media websites. For business to business services, is the way to go! That is why we are teaching Linkedin 102: "I have a business profile, now what?"

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