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Technology Tidbit: Social Media Solutions

Made with Pinwords

We know a picture says 1000 words. Social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest work exclusively on images. Here are a few websites make photo quotes out of your words.

1) Raven tools ( says:
Price: Free
Quote styles: 4 readymade background choices and the ability to upload your own photo, 6 caption styles, 8 fonts, unlimited font colors.
Post options: Share to Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or send via email
Can I keep the photo? Yes, right click or drag image to desktop
Pros: With the ability to upload your own image (or use an image via URL) and move text around, Pinwords has a good ratio of ease to control
Cons: More readymade background choices would be nice
Extras: A Pinwords bookmarklet, but it seems to only function to pin existing images, not help make new ones.

2) Raven tools say :
Price: Free
Quote styles: 14 different choices
Post options: Share to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest or Reddit
Can I keep the photo? Yes, via an image link
Pros:If you want to record a quote from a web page, this process is fast and stylish. Finding also has its own community — my first image had a handful of “likes” within the hour
Cons: You can’t upload just any text — your quote has to be highlighted from an existing web page
Extras: A “Clip to Findings” bookmarklet and a Chrome extension

3) Pinstamatic - Raventools says:
Price: Free
Quote styles: Six different styles for quotes; four for “sticky notes”
Post options: Share to Pinterest
Can I keep the photo? Yes, right click or drag image to desktop
Pros: Ability to create an image out of a Twitter handle, Spotify song, event or location. You can also create a website snapshot or upload your own photo.
Cons: Not many built-in ways to share your images, though you can grab the image to take action on your own
Extras: None

Read about 7+ more websites to make photo quotes at

What is even better than photos? VIDEO! Youtube is still the number 2 searched social media website for a very good reason. People are visual learners and watching video uses more of the sensory organs than just reading words. One of the major websites, used to sell books - can embed video into their website but it uses the "OLD EMBED CODE" which conveniently put in a "special location". Thank you David M. Long for making a Youtube video on how to find the embed code for Youtube! Let's make it easier for the readers by placing it here - In just 1 minute and 30 seconds (after the commercials), we learn how to take the videos from the Youtube channels and embed into:

  • Websites like the wordpress, wix platforms -
  • Social media websites - Facebook, Linkedin (via slideshare), Twitter,
  • and even email marketing campaigns.

Here is the completed Lulu page with the embedded video - Videos have a higher investment but the higher investment yields greater returns. Look for more social media solutions coming soon!

For more information: Follow Newman Networks on Facebook, watch the videos on and see all of our upcoming events including the FREE book signing events at

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