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Technology Tidbit: Did you add a backstory to the profile?

Backstory on
Backstory on

On Tuesday, August 19th, basically added a second page to the social media with pictures platform. The second page is called Backstory. Tony Conrad, the CEO and co-founder said on "There's a whole group of people out there who are artists, photographers, independent contractors, and developers, and there's a bunch of college kids with thin experiences. Is there a way to tether their accomplishments and experiences from their resumes with their personalities? Conrad said."We're not reinventing the resume. The resume does not need to be reinvented. The resume works perfectly fine, but the problem is that it's not tethered to something bigger. Photographers don't need us to create a place to host their photos. If you're a coder, you're already on Github. If you're a writer, you're already on a blog or Medium. We want to get people from your page to the thing that matters for you. That's our only mission."

The article goes on to say "We know that most kids don’t look good on [LinkedIn] because they don’t have a lot of experience at that point,” While that product is great for those who already have a lot of professional experience, the product is less ideal for those who are just out of college, or freelancers, or people who are reentering the workforce after a long break.

“What we’ve done well is given people ways to present themselves… The problem with most job-seeking sites is that they don’t show people in the best light,” co-founder Ryan Freitas said “Backstory represents our perspective on how someone can tell their own story and look their best.”

The article went on to say "By tacking their professional and educational history to a page that already has information about a user’s interests and activities, potential employers can get a better idea of who a person is, even if the actual resume part of their resume is somewhat thin."

Techcrunch,, writes "Adding a Backstory to your page is easy: Users simply scroll below the fold of your page and fill in information about recent work history, school information and what was studied, and whatever special skills or interests one might have. A user can change the background color to find one more appealing, and pick or build from famous, inspirational quotes one that might best define the user."

For the social media crowd, nothing changes about attracting people to the platform. E-mail signature is still the most effective way to get users to but a user should make it social by interacting with other pages. This certainly will not replace What does not understand is the time savings to employers by word of mouth driven through edification. has cornered that market with testimonials and recommendations. That is EXACTLY why this writer is in the top 1% of profile views on our favorite social media tool,

New social media homework - add a Backstory to the page!

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