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Technology: The End of Spelling as we Know It

How do you spell Google?
How do you spell Google?

G-o-o-g-l-e spells...Google. Very good!

Probably one of the most widely and correctly spelled words (yes, I checked Merriam-Webster) in the world is the spelling of our friendly neighborhood search engine: Google. Flawlessly living up to the standard of a true friend, Google encourages us to spell our best by selflessly handing over multiple tips about what word he thinks we are trying to spell.

Google also grants us access to some of his respectable adversaries, who also altruistically revitalize our spelling faux pas (needed Google for that one). A friendly Firefox howls at us by underlining our mistake in red. A Norwegian Opera singer belts out a note of disapproval in a similar fashion. And while trapped in a jungle of information, a Safari guide exotically stresses our spelling blunder.

But are The Great Google and his benevolent browser buddies actually helping us learn to spell? Or are they contributing to the demise of modern day spelling?

Associated Content's Todd McCall shares a similar concern about these technological time savers. He states, "it's likely that future generations will place considerably less importance on memorizing spelling by rote." McCall goes on to mention how abbreviations over text messages and social networking have become normal practice in today's society. He finishes the article by praising 21st Century technology, saying it beautifully eliminates the once tedious task of word hunting through a dictionary, and allows us to devote our time to the creative aspect of writing.

Although McCall does present a compelling argument in support of instantaneous access to digital dictionaries, I am still worried about how dependent we are becoming on these 21st Century tools. Allowing technology to essentially think for us and expecting consistent access to technology can ultimately contribute to our vulnerability of society.

But does spelling really matter? In the last decade, have you really found yourself in a situation you needed to spell your way out of - that Google couldn't fix?

I mean, in order for Google and friends to accurately decipher the correct spelling of our brain buster of a word, we do have to come somewhat close.


  • grammer>spelling 4 years ago

    I was commenting to someone just the other day how Google has actively immproved my spelling. Case in point, apparently it's iMproved. I'll take note and remember that. That little Google search bar at the top of my web browser is invaliable, er make that invalUable. I'm not an awful at spelling, but what other tools do people inadvertedly, uh... inadverteNTly, use on a daily basis which would otherwise help in this reguard? Paper dictionaries are too slow and online versions require a few extra clicks. Now, if Google could only find a way to correct people on the proper use of 'their, there, and they're', message boards wouldn't look like they're populated by a bunch of third-grade drop outs.

  • grammer>spelling 4 years ago

    Too early... Should have read "I'm not __ awful..." *sigh*