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Technology Miracle Machine is God-like by turning water into wine

Technology paired with wine
Technology paired with wine
The Independent / The Miracle Machine

Wine and technology connoisseurs and enthusiasts pay attention. Reported today, March 8, a vineyard is no longer required to make fabulous wine. In fact, the large amounts of equipment could also be null and void with this new tech gadget. Sounds like a miracle, which also happens to be the name of the item, Miracle Machine.

The new Miracle Machine is no larger than a bottle of wine. The machine should be paired with a phone app, and three simple steps, then within three days a person can be God-like by turning water into wine. However, the inventors said, not just any wine, amazing wine.

The founders are wine veterans. Kevin Boyer is owner of CustomVines, a wine label making company, and Philip James is founder of Boyanci Napa Valley winery. They claim the final product is dependent on the ingredients, and the steps chosen through the app.

Once a user has purchased the machine, they simply upload the coordinating wine app, purchase their ingredients particular to the type of wine they are looking to make, add the ingredients, mark the menu in the app, and in three days the user will be notified when the wine is completely finished with the fermentation process.

Wonder what the grandparents will think of this new item?

The machine is gearing up for a soon-to-be Kickstarter campaign fund. However, the cost of the item can be a little steep, $499, according to the 'LA Times'. But seriously consider the cost of purchasing a vineyard, plus all the added costs to grow, crush and ferment your own grapes. So $499 compared to the costs associated with owning and operating a vineyard makes the price quit attractive, especially for city dwellers.

Both Boyer and Philips said, in three simple steps, a person can enjoy the fruits of labor that mimic, or taste better than some of the most expensive, finely handcrafted wines around the world.

They wanted to create a miniature wine making reality, "with the exact same process that wine goes through in the best wine regions round the world."

OMG -- will this technology, which makes it possible to be God-like by turning water into wine -- without a ton of work or clean-up, be available before the next gift giving holiday? Let's pray.

Boyer explained, they have made arrangements with a local production company to complete the first 2,000 units, which will be hand assembled in the United States. He added, "we hope to make this the new era for wine making."

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