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Technology Evolves Even Further with ‘Soon to Come’ Octa-Core Processor

Technology Evolves Even Further with ‘Soon to Come’ Octa-Core Processor
Technology Evolves Even Further with ‘Soon to Come’ Octa-Core Processor

It is a known fact that with each passing day life is becoming more and more technological. With new devices and programs being introduced every day, it has become easier for all of us to work on multiple tasks on our computers, while doing chit chat with the family members at the same time. This is the basic principle behind multi-core processing.

All the computers, whether desktop computers or smartphones, come with processors that run all the commands. Processors are increasingly fast, and so can run thousands and thousands of tasks in a second – but each task takes up all the core’s thinking power. Therefore, the IT companies started designing processors that could perform multiple tasks at the same time. A dual-core processor comes with two cores, and is capable of running two tasks simultaneously.

The latest innovation in smartphones, being released in 2014, is the Octa-core. As you might expect, it can do 8 tasks simultaneously. Since new mobile phone apps are being introduced every day help turn your phone into a multi-purpose device, so it can help you with all the aspects of your daily life, the importance of parallel processing of this kind becomes even more significant. It means you can run many programs at once, without seeing a fall in response time from any of these. Combined with the powerful 4G LTE networks that modern smartphones run off of, this turns your mobile into a speedy, powerful device.

For now, China and India are working on this processor and introducing it soon, but several models will hit the Western market too in near future. Below are some of the phones that will come with built-in Octa-core processor:

1. Lenovo S939

The advanced specifications have just been introduced in S939, which is Lenovo's very first phone in the market of Octa-core smartphone. It will feature a massive 6” screen, 8 GB of ROM, and dual cameras.

2. Thl T100s

T100S from THL isn’t called the Iron Man for nothing. In addition to Octa-core, it has a Gorilla Glass III 5” 1080p display and 13 mp camera. On top of everything, it’s available on the international market for less money than many other popular international brands

3. HTC One, Octa-Core Edition

Presently, HTC One is considered among the most popular and powerful models on the market. It comes with a sleek design along with a 2.26 GHz quad-core chip. Rumours, however, are beginning to spread that an Octa-core HTC One is making its way to the market. Considering HTC’s large stake in the Chinese market, this looks very possible.

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