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Technology brings new products and new manufacturing processes

As noticed by us all, there are a substantial number of new innovative goods. Therefore, it stands to reason; they are manufacture somewhere by someone or some entity. And just as we have new products, we have new ways to produce them. With new ways of production comes a demand for workers with newer skills. In accordance, this collective framework is fostering a much needed coalition between companies, government, community organizations, colleges/universities, and high schools. Illustrations can be found, per a series of programs, on

New ideas, new products, new jobs; yet same challenges.
New ideas, new products, new jobs; yet same challenges.
The computer still lives
Per Maingear website

Notably, the cities they discussed were: Miami, FL, Norwood, OH, Richmond, VA, and Worcester, MA. And in accordance, those cities are aiming to put themselves at a competitive advantage on a number of fronts. Obviously, all of this is about economics. But, understand, common and well known principles will still play out: risks vs. rewards; competing interests; political/social polarizing; and limited resources. In contrast, the real opportunities are only limited by the creativity, imagination, and fortitude of those desiring to get involved; true among any or all industries.

Reflective of this discussion, but by no means the only piece, are consumer items, attempting to grasp success; some recent ones include:

  1. A Bluetooth® Smart cooking thermometer, alerting you on your mobile device when your food is ready;
  2. Controls your devices such as TV, DVD, VCR, Home Theatre, Blu-ray, Cable Boxes, Satellite Boxes, Receivers, etc. using your iPhone (Android coming soon);
  3. Xi3 NUC is an ultra compact computer;
  4. MAINGEAR Torq, world’s first fully liquid cooled small form factor PC;
  5. Charge and Sync Station 16 includes built-in USB ports for charging and syncing … multiple tablets and other USB-charged devices.
  6. MOMENTUM On-Ear Samba reflects Latin vibes, exuberant colour, and a passion for life, music and movement with a bold yellow and green colour scheme inspired by the Brazilian flag;

In accordance, one speaker might have led you to the following: can you afford not to have your life disrupted by technology. Furthering another thought, innovations are so much a part of and around us, already. More so, the influence of technological developments in production lines to work skills needed, for the above products and many others, are already in the pipeline, and continue to evolve.

In closing, if you stand for something you will have people for you and people against you. But if you stand for nothing you will have nobody for you and nobody against you. Maurice Saatchi. So, go ahead, choose your direction for technology.

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