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Technology and terrorism in the 21st century - all in our head

Mind control for the 21st century
Mind control for the 21st century

“They stuck a bug in my ear and drove me crazy with blather!”

When James Walbert came forward with the shocking details of high-tech torture tactics, it stunned the news media into silence. And that’s only part of the problem!

After doctors had removed the tiny neuro-stimulators implanted in his head and labs had identified the makers of the products, our Wichita ‘targeted individual’ faced a rather cumbersome obstacle – convincing anyone that he was not loony.

Once he mentions hearing voices from brain implants, the credibility vaporizes. Friends back off. Neighbors look away.

A year before Walbert’s episode, the media blipped out another documented unraveling of similar shenanigans. Apparently it’s easy to do. Bugs are tiny, and folks go nuts.

Just like in GhostBusters: "Who ya gonna call?"

Vigilante marauders implant weapons of despair

Dave Larson heard voices too. Then he found the implants providing him the beeps, howls and nightmares. Medical staff removed the devices, and they were identified by clear side-by-side detailed photos. Cochlear implants developed by the National Institute of Health (NIH) had been jammed into Dave’s head so the jammers could drive the guy nuts. And of course, no one believed him. This is not news. Check the link for a blast from the past. It's the same story, only better now.

Leslie Stahl’s presentation on 60 minutes in 2009 opened our eyes to the potential size of the threat. We have developed medical devices to interact with brains and computers. The nano-technology from the research labs that can improve our world has fallen into the hands of criminal elements and has been transformed into weapons of mass intrusion, torture and mind control.

In a show of support from the heart of America, from the Show-Me state of Missouri, House of Representative Jim Guest penned a letter and printed it on official letterhead to stand in solidarity with those disenfranchised souls whose voices were over-ridden by ridicule and demeaned by society.

Looking back, it seems the more advances we make in our pursuit of science, the more invasive our society becomes. The double-edge sword takes its recourse. Jim Guest came forward boldly going where no man had gone – confirming our worst nightmare. People are using nano-technology for remote mind control and torture. Money and power are players, especially when invisible.

Since 9/11 and the rise in gun violence and terrorism in the land of the free, we have begun to open our eyes to more limitless violence. At the confluence of guns and blood in our towns and cities, the slaughters worsen daily. It’s as though we were programmed from the inside to incite violence.

In an interview last week, Al Gore identified a positive value of Edward Snowden's revelations. According to Gore in this video, Snowden brought to light intrusive activities far more heinous than we had known. Many of these acts are being perpetrated by renegade abusers of technology on unwitting American citizens.

Show me the money

Most Al-Qaeda funding comes from extortion, theft and kidnapping. With the advent of implantable devices, the concept of piped-in mind control - even hypnosis - remotely from ‘distant master to hypnotized slave’ is no longer a far-fetched idea. Guinea pigs don’t even know what happened.

Current nano-technology carries info both ways: carefully modulated electronic sounds smother the psyche of targets as digital read-outs from slave inform the master of a slave’s longitude and latitude, heart rate and blood pressure, jumbled thoughts and muffled mumbles.

The adaptation of medical research and instrumentation to the evil world of torture and mind control has wrought some odd experiments if the woeful tales of the unwitting victims can be believed.

Overheard riding on a wavelength near you: ”Forty thousand, cash. Forty thousand. Small bills. Brown bag. Tonight at 6:00. Water fountain in the park. No cops. You want the noise to stop?? Punk? No cops!”

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