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Technology Abuses

Too many abuses of technology are occurring. Drones are spying on, killing U.S. citizens and getting away with it. In addition, the NSA has been out of control. They continue to spy on U.S. citizens, grabbing their metadata and their personal information. They also spy on the people's phone calls, emails and use webcams to take pictures of U.S. citizens. They try to justify it by claiming it's for the country's "national security." They also claim that one warrant can cover every U.S. citizen. The U.S. Supreme Court seems unwilling to intervene with a dangerous violation of the Fourth Amendment such as this NSA overreach.

Whatever happened to the government's oath to uphold the constitution? To make matters worse, there has been no accountability for the NSA, the IRS antics of targeting conservatives, wasting taxpayer money on luxury items, and trying to intimidate other grassroots political groups.

In today's media, there isn't enough public exposure of these examples of injustice and many news reporters actually justify such tyranny. There was even an NBC newscast on how putting an RFID chip in people would be a good thing because of the conveniences it'd cause (account information, medical information, ect). Never mind that the government could spy on people anywhere.

People need to fight back by using technology to read independent news stories that report all facts, use social media to get the word out and cease using biased media. The people must use technology to fight back.

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