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Technically Magi: an Adventure Series with a Twist

If you like Dungeons vs Dragons then this is a dungeon crawl series of a whole new kind. This series asks the probing question, ‘Can one world’s computer whiz become another world’s wizard?’ Well, if that is the sort of question that intrigues you, then read on, McDuff, read on…Kai is a young lad who hails from an advanced utopian society. He travels along with his family when they sign on with a scientific mission to study a primitive world of magic, however, when an unforeseen accident devastates their vessel, Kai is inadvertently separated from the rest of the crew. Everyone aboard the ship escape in life pods…everyone, that is, except Kai.

Magic and Dragons meet technology!
Gary Turner
Dungeons and Dragons gone hi-tech
Gary Turner

Due to the protection of a loading dock robot, Kai survives the ship’s impact to the surface where he’s rescued by an apprentice magi named Zawa and her quirky mentor, Skirnir. Together they’re Kai’s only hope of staying alive long enough for his parent’s return. Technically Magi is slated to be an ongoing comic book series that will be a mixture of thrills, humor, intrigue, monsters, and mayhem all experienced from the view point of a 12-year-old technogeek, who is way in over his head. This story is one part Robinson Crusoe, one part sci-fi, and a whole boat load of your favorite d20 role playing game (dragons, dungeons, barbarians, casters, clerics, liches, with the occasional mech).

According to writer, Gary Turner, This is a true Kickstarter campaign with a solid goal that has been set in order to get over a publishing hump of four issues. Reaching this goal would effectively kick them off so that they could keep the story going uninterrupted for the full four-issue run. According to Turner, they have an amazing story to share, but they need fan support and participation to actually make it happen. “There is no doubt in the amazing talents of Carlos E. Gómez,” Turner tells us. “Here’s a penciler that takes graphite and Bristol board and brings them to life. Drink in the characterizations and all the creative energy in every page.”

Eddy-Swan (the colorist) brings scintillatingly atmospheric color magic to each and every panel, and the color really helps set the tone and mood in scenes. It also takes talent to know how to use it to direct the eye. Turner also gives big kudos to Teodoro Gonzalez for his artistic contribution on the Zero Issue. You’ve seen his works in comics with Image and Aspen! Turner tells us that they have completed both the Zero Issue, as well as Issue #1. So fans can continue to rock the story out with this campaign as they offer exclusive Kickstarter versions of those first two comics as well as the in progress Issue #2!

Needless to say, in order to keep the ichor that is their story flowing to everyone uninterrupted they need to make it over a publishing hump of 4 issues. That’s why they’ve come up with some bonus items for each goal we crush under our massive march towards victory. If backers select one of the premier reward categories of $40 or more you automatically qualify for extended stretch goal rewards. They are also offering free international shipping. Yep, that’s right. They are thrilled to offer all our reward packages are now available for no additional international shipping charges. Each package will be tracked and shipped from one of their three shipping hubs (U.S., Europe, and Asia).

Their first experience with crowd funding taught them a great deal. From that, they’ve retooled their campaign making it more efficient, and the reward offerings more affordable. As it really is expensive to produce a quality comic like theirs, and their original campaign would have fully covered all creative fees this time around, with backers help, they’ll be able to offset not all, but a good chunk of the production costs.

This project will only be funded if at least $5,000 is pledged by Wed, Jul 16 2014.


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