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See also: Philly extends deadline for Philly tech startup survey

On Monday, Jan. 6, Philly announced that it would extend the deadline for tech startup CEOs, founders, or owners to take the Philly tech startup survey until “the end of this week,” according to the report. Philly Philly

Originally set to conclude on Dec. 31, 2013, the startup survey focuses on “IT firms at large,” and while the survey will tie answers to specific companies for accuracy, the results will be completely anonymized for privacy the report notes.

Why conduct a Philly tech startup survey? Philly reports that the most recent complete data about Philadelphia businesses focused on the tech industry is from 2011. While the data is complete, it is somewhat out of date as compared to recent data compiled by the Census Bureau.

Analysis and research manager Lauren Gilchrist from Center City District notes that Philadelphia city limits houses 488 tech firms within its 135 square miles alone using the 2011 Census Bureau data about Philadelphia businesses. The same data shows Philadelphia and its 11 surrounding counties house 5,165, startups, and that each startup employs about 16.5 people on average.

According to the original request for survey respondents, Philly said:

“It’s time to create a benchmark understanding of our young technology business leaders.”

In other words, because the most recent complete data set is largely outdated, Media, Center City District and Philly Startup Leaders created the Philly tech startup survey in the hopes of getting a better, more accurate look at local startups in the tech industry. Philly and Center City District partnered to compile the data, while Center City District will analyze the data and Philly Startup Leaders will promote the survey.

Original survey request information

The original request for survey respondents asks CEOs, founders and anyone else who started a tech business in Philadelphia to reply, though Philly is only looking for those with a still-active startup.

For the purposes of the survey, a “tech startup” is usually defined as any business with 200 or fewer employees that is no more than 5 years old that operates in some capacity within the hardware, software and related services sectors. Philly notes that CEOs and startup owners who don’t immediately fit into the three categories, but think they fit into the “tech startup” definition in any way, should take the survey anyway.

This is because the term “related services” comprises at least 15 different business descriptions that one might not immediately think of as a “tech startup,” including online auction and shopping companies, online media agencies, and even business directory websites, among many others.

Those who wish to participate in the survey may do so at the Philly website, or using this third party survey site.

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