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Technical Communicator: Publishing and Researching in Writing Studies: 21s

Amy Koerber, Editor of Technical Communications Quarterly
Amy Koerber, Editor of Technical Communications Quarterly
Technical Communications Quarterly

Dr. Amy Koerber will present "Publishing and Researching in Writing Studies: 21st-Century Trends." Writers now have new technology and ways of doing research that they must adapt to. Faced with these new obstacles, they can benefit from what technical writers are uncovering and use this knowledge for their own writing. Koerber will discuss this new knowledge and ways to implement it.

Koerber is an editor for "Technical Communications Quarterly." In her workshop, she will explain her work with the journal.

TCQ publishes research on technical communications in the fields of business, academia, science, and government, to name a few. All the journal's articles are grounded in the latest ideas in technical communications, and they focus on subjects such as the role of digital technologies and research methods.

In addition to being an editor for TCQ, Koerber is an associate professor in Technical Communication and Rhetoric in the English Department atTexas Tech University. Her main areas of research are medical rhetoric, qualitative research and health communication. Koerber has published widely in these fields, including "Qualitative Sampling Methods: A Primer for Technical Communicators" in the Journal of Business and Technical Communication.

When asked how she became involved in technical communications, she said, "I started out in a literature M.A. Program, then realized I was most interested in writing and rhetoric."

She also said that she was not sure how she became involved in medical rhetoric, one of her main research areas, but with all the opportunities in the field at the University of Minnesota, where she went for her graduate studies, she already had all she needed to make a beginning.

Her workshop will conclude with a Q & A session on the publishing process for journals.

Koerber will also discuss the online Ph.D. program at Texas Tech University: Technical Communications and Rhetoric.

This workshop is free and presented by the Masters of Professional Writing Program at KSU with funding from the Dean of the College of Humanities, Dr. Richard Vengroff.

Jack Mathis, KSU English Intern was the author of this article.


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