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Technautilus - new metaphysical discussion group and magical tradition

Another group has added themselves to the list of Pagan and occult organizations in Atlanta. They call themselves Technautilus, and according to their website, they're a chaos magick inspired magical tradition, that combines techniques from many different religions and spiritual paths in a cohesive and tolerate new tradition.

They offer two main services to the Pagans and spiritual people of Atlanta. The first is a monthly discussion group, where people of all faiths and beliefs come together to debate and discuss various spiritual, scientific, and cultural topics. The second is the more in-depth Ritual & Learning group, the core of the actual Technautilus tradition. They welcome experienced practioners looking for a group to work collaborative rituals with, those new to spirituality or Paganism that are looking for teachers or training, and anyone between those two points who have an open mind and who are seeking a new and unusual way of approaching spiritual ideas.

Anyone in interested in either part of Technautilus should check out the Witchvox listing, which links to their website which has meeting times and dates, regularly updated information, and a better explanation of their beliefs and practices.