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Techland dev says Dying Light is a 'game of skill,' new part of Harran detailed

What do you think about this?
What do you think about this?
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Dying Light doesn't just seem like an open-world game where players upgrade their skills and see no tangible change, it strikes us as a game that players will need to be paying close attention to. Additionally, players will have plenty of variety when it comes to the locations in Dying Light.

Learning from your successes and failures can often be a strong theme in some games, and Dying Light looks to be employing a similar sentiment in its combat. Maciej Binkowski, who is Dying Light's lead game designer, talked about how players will change as much as their characters do.

"When you play Dying Light you realize it's a game of skill, so as you progress it's not just about your character getting better, you get better yourself. If you [improve] you will become more comfortable with the game and we'll give you more toys [for doing] awesome stuff," Binkowski said.

From what we've seen from Dying Light thus far, the city of Harran looks devastated, but we haven't seen what other regions of the world look like, until recently that is. Binkowski spoke about a new region of Dying Light called Old Town.

"[Old Town] has a completely different vibe to it. It's much more beautiful [than the rest of Harran], but at the same time [it is] destroyed. You can see where the quarantine started.

"All of the cafes and restaurants are destroyed, the whole town is devastated, but still among the ashes you can see the beauty that is behind it. It's really important to notice that this part of the city is much more vertical, which creates a new kind of gaming experience," Binkowski said.

If you've had a chance to see Old Town for yourself then you understand the amazing contrast it presents when you look at the other parts of Dying Light we've seen. Not only will gameplay be different, but so will the types of visuals and landscapes players will be traversing across.

Dying Light was first introduced just before E3 2013 and is getting ready to launch this coming February. It'll be available on the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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