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Tech-savvy terrorism: Parents of James Foley got warning emails from ISIS

James Foley's parents, John and Diane Foley, received emails from ISIS warning them of the impending death of their son. They had repeatedly pleaded with the ISIS militants for the life of their son to no avail. According to NBC News on Wednesday, the Foley family did not watch the video of the beheading posted on the Internet. The heartbroken parents met with reporters outside their Rochester, New York, home on Wednesday. John Foley expressed how they were 'haunted' by the horrific way in which their son died.

Emails from Islamic terrorist groups is a frightening idea.
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Foley’s parents praised their son, kidnapped in Nov. 2012, as being the type of person who would be willing to die for others if necessary. The photos circulating online of his parents next to photos taken and distributed by ISIS of Foley right before his death are gut-wrenching. The emails they received told them he would be executed, and there was plenty of anti-American propaganda that supposedly justified his impending execution. You can read the entire content of the last email they received on Global, Foley’s employer when he went missing.

The concept of receiving emails from terrorists around the world is a disconcerting reminder of what a “small, small world” it is, “after all.” It is perplexing at first to ponder where ISIS got the Foleys’ email address. However, they probably got it through access to Foley’s smart phone and computer devices.

According to HLNTV, the skillful use of technology is what sets ISIS apart from other terror organizations. They are using social media to grow their organization. It seems that YouTube should not publish videos of beheadings such as this. On so many levels, it is wrong, the least of which is that it encourages the terrorists. ISIS is referred to as “the new face of terror in Iraq and Syria.”

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