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Tech Related Branded Marketing Promotional Product Ideas

Custom Promotional Pens
Custom Promotional Pens
Custom Promotional Pens

The ways of marketing can never remain same. Things change ceaselessly and you can only evolve with times or perish against the huge competition.

For now, promotional marketing products are the flavor of season with more and more businesses are getting involved in the practice of giving away stuff. Now it is rather wise to give away that people can use frequently and tech related products seem to be the best choice here. We have some of the most innovative ideas that can help.

  1. Stylus: Custom Personalized Promotional Oro Pens are handy, affordable and easy to personalize with your company’s name or logo. PDAs and smartphones are being sold and use everywhere in the world, but not many come with a stylus. This handy piece can help with gesture, handwriting and exact selection on tacky devices. You can imprint the company’s name on the stylus and choose a decent color so that people like it.
  2. USB Flash Drives: There is no denying that branded promotional items like USB drive are in range. Many companies purchase them, personalize them and give them away for branding. So how can you stand out? We recommend that you look for brands that can offer performance and speed. Most free pen drives are extremely in data transfer and not many people actually use them. Give tech geeks something they can relish.
  3. Smartphone Speakers: Promotional marketing products usually stay in comfort zone as business owners are not curious on trying too many things. That is why you will need to be a little away from the usual and come with something like this. Bluetooth or wired speakers are a great way to please people easily. The cost might be a little high but you will be scoring a lot of brownie points this way.
  4. Phone Cleaner: If custom promotional oro pens, flash drives and smartphone speakers are a bit expensive for you business, you can also look into something like this. Phone cleaners can be used to remove dust and other particles from touch screen without causing any damage. They can in fact be easily personalized with any logo, color and design.
  5. Power Banks: Who would not like to receive a portable charging bank that can store power? These kits are very popular among geeks who just cannot do without the phone. Whether they are on the go or in a power outage, such a device can support up to 4 charging cycles, providing you ample branding opportunity.