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Tech football news and notes

Spring practice began yesterday and here’s what has been going on:

1. Freshman Daniel Drummond is ineligible for the first 10 games of the 2010 season due to “violation of NCAA rules.” Drummond was expected to compete for time at B-back.
2. Josh Nesbitt is sitting out spring practice as he recovers from offseason ankle surgery. He’ll be fine for fall camp. However, this means...
3. The QB position is the one to watch this Spring. Nesbitt will be the starter, but now that Jaybo Shaw is gone, who will be the #2 QB? Tevin Washington, Jordan Luallen, and David Sims will get plenty of reps. In the fall, look for freshmen B.J. Bostic and Synjyn Days to get a look, although my gut tells me that the primary backup will be Washington, Luallen, or Sims. Then again, there are several good reasons I’m not a coach, so anything can happen.
4. The 3-4 is alive at Georgia Tech. New defensive coordinator Al Groh has already been running around the practice field taking a very hands-on approach to coaching up the D. Stay tuned...the addition of Groh is a major steal for’ll see.
5. Yesterday Tech ran...wait for it...wait for it...the shotgun. Yes, I said shotgun. Paul Johnson has obviously been hit on the head with something heavy. I can only imagine an opposing defense crapping its collective pants when Tech rumbles all over them on the option, only to line up in the shotgun after the D is totally confused. I will be following this development closely and will ask Paul Johnson about it at my earliest opportunity.

More to come...


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