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Tech-centric 'Sex Tape' finds humor in the cloud

Sony Pictures released a new trailer today for their upcoming comedy, titled Sex Tape.

'Sex Tape' mixes comedy and technology
'Sex Tape' mixes comedy and technology
Sony Pictures

The film features stars Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel as a couple looking to spice up their marriage by filming an adult video. Unfortunately for them, their video is synced "to the cloud" by their high tech camera. This sets up a situation in which a copy of their exploits has been automatically backed-up to a whole bunch of electronic devices that the couple gave to friends and family as Christmas gifts.

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The trailer makes frequent mentions of iPads and shows Segel comically attempting to use Siri on his iPhone to ask about performing CPR on a dog.

The studio is hoping that Sex Tape fares better than last summer's tech-heavy comedy The Internship, a big budget dud from 20th Century Fox that starred Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson as interns at Google.

Diaz and Segel were last seen together in 2011 hit Bad Teacher, a raunchy comedy that scored big at the box office.

Sex Tape is set to hit theaters on July 25, 2014.