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Tebow punts on Camilla Belle; Was alleged nude pic to blame?

Tim Tebow will not be going out with alleged actress Camilla Belle this Saturday night. He will not be starting for the Jets on Sunday. TMZ reported the breakup today, offering an US Weekly Quote that things "just didn't work out" after two months. It is unknown whether reported pics of Mademoselle Belle sans clothing had anything to do with that.

The website reported on November1, 2012 that a supposed nude pic appeared of Belle. A quick use of Google can take viewers to that photo, I won't provide a link, but I will let discerning viewers decide whether the person in the pic is indeed Belle.

There is no way of knowing whether Tebow was aware of the photo, but considering the media avalanche right now, presumbaly he is aware of it now.

That reported photo would have appeared online at the very start of the relationship. The site stated "Camilla Bell certainly appears to be a saucy oiled up tart who is no stranger to the company of me, Of couse Tim Tebow has learned to accept his role as a back up, so this relationship just might work out."

This column cannot independently verify that the picture is indeed Belle of course. As this is supposedly a celebrity legal issues column, there are a few possible plays on the legal gridiron.

If the woman in the picture is not Belle and she lost her relationship because of it-- she might have a cause of action against CelebJihad. If the photo was distributed to cause harm to him-- there could be a suit for alienation of affection, although I see that as a fourth and long possibility.

If the photo is of Belle, and was obtained illegally, there might be several other issues at stake. A stalker recently was sent to jail for hacking photos from cell phones, so there is potential criminal liability for whoever stole the photo.

Speaking of back ups--In Football news, the Huffington Post is reporting that the Jets are going with Alabama star Greg McElroy in Sunday's start.

It is unknown where Tebow will play next year. As for Belle, there's always Mark Sanchez. He might have some time on his hands.

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