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Tebow: McCoy slams former NFL quarterback with comment on talent

LeSean McCoy takes a dig at Tim Tebow.
Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Tim Tebow is not on LeSean McCoy's top 10 list. In fact, it is possible that the former NFL quarterback is not even on McCoy's top 20. Tim Tebow is not affiliated with any NFL team at the moment, but that didn't stop McCoy from sending him a dig. On April 13, The Inquistr shared the latest comments made by LeSean McCoy, and Tim Tebow was the topic of discussion.

Why did the former NFL quarterback come up? McCoy was stopped at the airport on Saturday, and he was asked what unsigned player had the most talent. The first name mentioned by the interview was Tim Tebow, and McCoy was a bit surprised that his name was mentioned. He went on to slam Tebow's skills by saying he'd take his two-year old son before he'd take Tim Tebow. That makes it clear what McCoy thinks of Tebow's talent.

LeSean McCoy is currently with the Philadephia Eagles, and he is not one to shy away from speaking his mind when asked about something. He stirred up controversy with his comments about Denver Broncos player Knowshon Moreno. Even after he came under fire for the remarks, he did not take them back. These new comments might cause new controversy for the player, but he is not likely to take these remarks back either. McCoy has been quite vocal lately. He was the only one to show DeSean Jackson any support after he was dropped by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Why was LeSean McCoy at the airport on Saturday night? He was headed into Los Angeles to attend the MTV Movie Awards held on Sunday night. He went to his Twitter on Sunday to reveal to his followers that he was attending the event.

What do you think of McCoy's comments about Tim Tebow? Do you think he went to far with his dig? What do you think about Tebow's talent? Should he be on an NFL team?

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