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Tebow belongs in the Big Apple

New York was indeed Tim Tebow's best long term option
David Livingston/Getty Images

Depending on whether you choose to believe John Elway or Tim Tebow, the former Broncos quarterback (i.e. number 15, not seven) had some input into whether he landed in New York or Jacksonville.

Whoever was involved in the decision, one thing is for certain: the most appropriate destination for Tebow was indeed selected.

As soon as news broke that Tebow was allegedly consulted, reports claimed that he chose the Jets over the Jags because he would be the number two quarterback in New York behind Mark Sanchez. Had he gone to Jacksonville, he’d be sitting in the three-slot behind Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne.

Truthfully, Tebow would have had a much better chance of starting in his old home town than in the Big Apple behind a guy who the Jets just extended for three years and a guaranteed $20+ million.

Still, New York is a better option for Tebow. And not just because it’s a large market that will present lucrative endorsement opportunities. No, it’s the best option for Tebow because he stands to stay relevant in the NFL far longer as a back up quarterback.

While Tebow had a magical season with the Broncos in 2011, legitimate doubts abound regarding his ability to quarterback a conventional pro-style offense. He faced two teams twice last year: the Chiefs and the Patriots. His second games against both were among his worst. The way teams caught on to the college-like scheme, coupled with his general lack of conventional quarterbacking skills would doom Tebow if a team ever put him behind center for an extended period.

However, as a back up, wonder and "what ifs?" will always exist for the legion of Tebow followers. He will put new meaning to the old axiom “the most popular guy in town is the back up quarterback.” With the Jets, Tebow will get his five-to-six plays per game, likely score a handful of touchdowns as a red zone weapon during the course of the season, maintain his appeal, high “Q Score”, and fan base.

Conversely, if Tebow finds himself with a “permanent” starting job, his skills (or lack thereof) will almost certainly lead to number 15 falling flat on his face. The nay-sayers will be proven right, the fan base disappointed, the excitement (and accompanying marketability) gone. Also likely gone would be employment in the NFL.

Having spent time around Tebow at Dove Valley this past season, I highly doubt this is his line of thinking. He wants to be a starting quarterback and truly believes he can be one for more than just part of a season. I also don’t know his “team” (brother Robby and an entourage of long-time friends) well enough to make an assessment of their motives either. Regardless of whether the decision was consciously considered from this angle, New York certainly makes the most sense.


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