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Teavana Store

Fruity Tea
Fruity Tea

I was in the West Towne Mall, located in Madison, WI, about six weeks ago and noticed a Teavana store was going to be opening soon. I made a mental note to return to check out the store. I went back last week on a Friday afternoon around 3:00 pm.

As I approached the store I could see that it was fully stocked with merchandise and the lights were shining brightly. However, when I walked closer to the store entrance the cage door was pulled down almost to the floor. I looked in and saw about a dozen people standing around the counter in the back tasting tea. I thought a private tea party was taking place.

I proceeded to walk around the side of the store (next to Boston Store) and looked at all the merchandise displayed in the large window. I was impressed of what was offered: tea pots; tea tumblers; cup & saucer sets; music CD’s; mustard & honey; canisters for storing tea and of course many varieties of tea.

The store appeared to be clean, modern looking, well-lit, neat, organized with colorful merchandise.

I sat to the side of the store, in front of Boston Store, on a comfortable chair and watched people as they walked passed Teavana. In about five minutes time I saw approximately six to 10 people stop and look. I noticed that all of them were looking in the store as if saying, “I want to come in and look around.”

I was curious as to when the Teavana store would be open, so I walked to the customer service desk located in the middle section of the mall. I asked the woman when the Teavana store was going to open. She proceeded to tell me it was scheduled to open May 13. I told her that there was a group of people in the store drinking tea, but the cage door was almost closed so no one could enter the store. She told me that other people inquired about the store opening and commented that a sign should be posted to inform patrons of the May 13 opening date.

I plan to return to the Teavana store after May 13 to look around and maybe even purchase a yummy tea to try. I will provide a write-up regarding my visit. In the meantime, you may visit the website at or if you are in the Milwaukee, WI area, you may visit the Teavana store located in the Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa, WI

*Teavana means - heaven of tea


  • Margaret Studer 5 years ago

    Hi Michele,

    How lucky to have a tea store opening near you. Here we just have two fancy tea rooms.
    Maybe the people tasting the tea were new employees who were being trained in how the tea tastes.

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