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Teavana provides visual overview of their nine chai teas

This is a portion of Teavana's visual overview of their chai teas

A warm, spicy cup of chai can be very comforting when fall weather arrives. However, choosing the chai that is right for you can be a bit confusing. Chais come in many varieties and flavors depending on which ingredients are used. In addition, even though the word chai means “tea”, some chais actually contain so tea (Camellia sinensis) at all.

There is an easy way for tea drinkers to choose the right chai. Teavana not only offers nine varieties of chai, but a visual overview of all their chais to help tea drinks select the right one for them. All you need to do is download the pdf file from the Starbucks newsroom

Eacn photograph of Teavana chais reveals careful handcrafting at the hands of Teavana teaologists. The ingredients are clearly visible, proving that many whole, fresh spices and other ingredients have been used in the blending of these teas.

Directly below each photograph is the name of the tea and the base tea of the chai followed by a flavor description such as “comforting and relaxing” or “bold and distinctive.” Also included is a list of ingredients for that particular chai.

This information comes in handy not only for selecting the flavor that a tea drinker is looking for, but how much caffeine the chai might have.

For a breakfast tea, for instance, tea drinkers might want to try Teavana Chocolate Chai, Teavana Oprah Chai or Teavana Masala Chai, all of which contain black tea. If, however, a low caffeine drink is desired, one of the rooibos based chais such as Teavana Dosha Chai or Teavana Caramel Chai might be a better choice.

Teavana also offers the Enlightened Chai Gift Collection which contains 2 oz. each of Chocolate Chai, Caramel Chai, Rooibos Chai and Maharaja Chai along with four tea tins and two ceramic mugs with lids and steel mesh infusers. It makes a good gift for someone who either enjoys chai or is new to chai or even for yourself.

Teavana Chocolate Chai and Teavana Caramel Chai are only available for a limited time. When they sell out, they are gone. If you wish to try them or the Enlightened Chair Gift Collection, you may want to order soon.

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