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Teatro Zinzanni's Dinner at Wotan's

Teatro ZinZanni takes a new and bizarre twist on the stories of Nordic gods. Wotan, Thor, Freya and the gang in Valhalla celebrate the end of the world! Dinner at Wotan's is co-directed by Teatro ZinZanni founder Norm Langill and Swedish triple threat and Seattle rising star Tobias Larsson (Return To Paradise, 2012; co-choreographed Bonsoir Liliane! with Tommy Tune, 2011) who will also choreograph and star in this production.

Hailed in the New York Times as an offbeat delight and soon to be featured on the Food Network's 'World's Weirdest Restaurants' in Spring 2013, Teatro ZinZanni, now in its 15th year in Seattle, continues to present a locally produced cirque-themed dinner theatre experience brimming with the finest local and international talent of all varieties. Dinner at Wotan's is an electric mix of fresh performances, like Swedish superstar Anki Albertsson, and impeccable repeat acts like Vertical Tango, back my popular demand, and the incredible return of performance veterans Los Excéntricos, a group who performed in Teatro ZinZanni's opening show in 1998.

An ode to the Northwest's Nordic community, Dinner At Wotan's will musically rock the tent, presenting a hybrid of the classical sounds of Wagner's The Ring and big, epic rock sounds, like Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. "A lot of rock tunes live very close to classical pieces, so we're trying to mix that classical world with the rock, and course, with our own Durkee-ZinZanni style," co-director Tobias Larsson commented. The music of Dinner at Wotan's is composed by legendary Teatro ZinZanni musical composer Norman Durkee with lyrics by Martha Davis (Hail Caesar!), long-time front woman for the new wave band The Motels, best known for such hits as "Only the Lonely" and "Suddenly Last Summer."


Geoff Hoyle (Wotan, Ruler of Asgard)

Anki Albertsson (Frigg, Madame of Valhalla, wife of Wotan)

Tobias Larsson (Thor, Son of Wotan and Frigg, Heir apparent to Asgard)

Terry Crane (Loki, Son of Wotan & Frigg)

Sam Payne of Vertical Tango (Balder, Son of Wotan & Frigg)

Sandra Feusi of Vertical Tango (Helga, Valkyrie, Guardian of the Underworld)

Kristin Clayton (Brunhilde, Warrior)

Ariana Lallone (Freya, Valkyrie, Goddess of Love)

Marceline, Sylvestre and Zaza of Los Excéntricos (Kimir, Hardon, and Snotra, The Troubadour Dwarves

Christopher Phi (Jorgemon, Son of Wotan)


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