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Teaser to The Hobbit: The Battle of Fives arrives tomorrow!

The first trailer to anticipated film arrives tomorrow!
Warner Bros. Pictures/New Line Cinemas/MGM

Yesterday was a major day for several movie studios. Thanks to this year's comic con, moviegoers now have a lot of information on the blockbusters to hit the screen next year as well as the major films hitting this fall. One of those films was none was the final chapter in Peter Jackson's Middle Earth Saga: The Hobbit The Battle of Five Armies. The movie will be arriving this December as the film tells the final part of the tale of Bilbo Baggins. The movie was a major part of Warner Bros.' panel yesterday.

There were a assortment of stars were feature at the panel, and the audience were treated to a number of great content. However, what certainly had fans attention was the first teaser to the upcoming film. For some time now the teaser has been ready to go and just needed a release date. As expected, the first preview made a debut at Comic-Con and had fans jumping for joy. However, if you were not at the event, then you probably not to thrilled because you could not be part of the trailer's reveal. However that is about to change as the teaser for The Battle of Five Armies is coming in less then 24 hours.

Thanks to a report from, the fan site has confirmed the release date for this teaser. The first trailer to Battle of Five Armies will be online tomorrow at 12:00 pm pacific standard time, and at 3:00 pm for those on the east coast. To show that the trailer is indeed coming tomorrow, The Hobbit has reveal a small teaser on their Facebook page. The clip tells just when you can see "The Defining Chapter" as it also has snippets of footage. It may not be a lot but it will certainly have fans of Middle Earth, not to mention moviegoers, jumping with joy.

What do you think? Are satisfied that the teaser is coming tomorrow or is that not soon enough? Express your thoughts in the comments below. The Hobbit The Battle of Five Armies hits theaters on December 17th.

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