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Teaser from “Four: A Divergent Collection” released

First look at the upcoming short story series "Four: A Divergent Collection"
First look at the upcoming short story series "Four: A Divergent Collection"

With the release of the short story collection about Divergent’s Four just a little bit of a month away, author Veronica Roth has released a small teaser was released by MTV and Harpercollins to get fans excited for the release. You can read them below.

“She’s not learning the lessons that Eric wants her to learn. She’s learning different things, wiser ones.”

“How is it possible to live the same story twice, from different vantage points?”

The two quotes appears to be Four thinking or talking about Tris and his perception of her. Obviously, we know that Four has always been drawn to Tris and always felt compelled by her. We learned this much in the first short story Free Four.

As we know, the collection takes place before the events in Divergent and follows Four on his journey from Abnegation to Dauntless and how he fell for Tris. As a reward for fans patiently waiting for this release, Roth had also added some deleted scenes into the collection from the Divergent that involve Tris.

This release comes as no surprise as the fact that Insurgent has just started shooting in Atlanta and no doubt that Summit is going to want to focus the attention back on this movie since it’s been a while since the series has made news.

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What do you think of the quotes?

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