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Tears of the court jester

A still from the film, Dead Poets Society
1989 Touchstone Pictures

Laughter can come when people need it the most. Through all their pain and sadness, something as simple as a chuckle can truly come to pick up the chins of those most close to us. On August eleventh the world lost a true gift in the world of acting and comedy, Robin Williams. Williams was known throughout the world as a marvelous standup comedian and actor who had appeared in such great roles as "Good Will Hunting", "Dead Poets Society", and even lending his voice to Disney classics like "Aladdin". He was intelligent, quick, and so in tuned with every emotion this world has to offer he could bring forth a breathtaking performance.
But what should be noticed most of all is Williams’s great ability to tap into his inner child. With all the energy, voices, and actions that go along with it, he was able to bring about this sense of child-like wonder to his roles and have a deeper connection. Just look into his eyes when viewing "Hook" that alone will melt even the iciest heart. It is important to note such a talent when the actor can have the audience crying with laughter at one moment, and keep the tears streaming down with an emotional scene.
The saddest thought seems to be that it’s always the ones that bring the most joy, are hurting the most. With drugs and depression trying to hold him back, Williams worked right on through. With all the laughs and success that followed such a fortunate comedian it is hard to imagine that he might actually suffer from something as dangerous as depression. Our gods seem to remind us everyday that no one is immortal, no matter how invincible they seem to be.
All that can and should be said at the end of the day is thank you. Thank you for the laughs you have brought us on rainy Sunday afternoons. Thank you for growing up with us and showing that there is always a dirt trail through the large jungle of life. Thank you for showing all us stubborn adults that there is still magic in the world, all we need to do is tap into the child inside of us to see it. Thank you for teaching us to seize the day.

Thank you Robin Williams.

“You’ll have bad times, but it’ll always wake you up to the good stuff you weren’t paying attention to.”
- Sean Maguire (played by Robin Williams), "Good Will Hunting"

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